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Because we're grown-ups now, and it's our turn to decide what that means.

12/31/11 01:18 pm - An end-of-the-year survey thing

I stole this from names0fthedead. Feel free to steal it from me. Or not. Whatever suits you. =)

It's kind of longCollapse )

12/15/11 11:34 am - argh.

I absolutely, positively, without a doubt, can not wait until Amelia can communicate effectively, not try to kill herself every five minutes, develops actual interests outside of trying to kill herself every five minutes and trying to masturbate when she's covered in poo, and can be reasoned with.

Those mothers who think the first year is the best? Those mothers are certifiably insane.

Those people who tell me to treasure every shitty diaper, every tantrum, every head-butt to the bridge of my nose, because I will miss them when she's 5/10/15? Also certifiably insane.

The guessing games have worn thin. Fuck the Good Mother Police, I want the "baby" phase to be over.

I love her more than air, I just wish I liked her all of the time.

12/7/11 04:43 pm - Ouch, my face


- I do NOT recommend having a chunk of your cornea gouged out by an enthusiastic 1-year-old.

- This is about as pleasant as it sounds.

- I have been utterly useless for the past three days.

- The eye is at about 90% now. GOOD ENOUGH.

- Holiday knitting is pretty much boned, but I think that's pretty obvious, ne?

- I ought've read the paragraph I posted from the Yarn Harlot's blog more closely. I do NOT think that I (or any knitter) should be worshiped because of knitted presents. Not quite sure why YH seems to think we should be.

- So just ignore that last half.

- There is a small part of me that believes all those I love might get frostbite if I do not provide woolies. This is not an indication of how intelligent or capable I perceive my loved ones to be.

- Fiona Apple covered "Sally's Song" from The Nightmare Before Christmas. This is awesome, and you should go listen to it on youtube.

- Know what else is awesome? Korn covering "Kidnap the Sandy Claws". (I know!)

12/1/11 12:42 pm - Couldn't have put it better

The Yarn Harlot's blog today captures the logic behind gift knitting perfectly. Brilliantly.

Some of you may believe that it's the knitters choice about whether or
not he or she does this to themselves every year, but it isn't. For many
knitters who suffer from this variant, there is no choice.  Sure as a
nightingale has to sing, a gift knitter must knit - and the opportunity
to knit a gift is - to your knitter, a chance to make the love that they
feel in their hearts tangible, visible and warm.  No matter how it
looks (and we admit, it is difficult to see the love when a hat knitter
is using filthy language to describe Aunt Alice's head size at 3am) gift
knitting is a powerful and meaningful expression of human affection. 
Each stitch contains the most precious thing a knitter can give - time
and talent, and every person who receives said gift of time and talent
should be nothing short of stunned with joy and gratitude.  Think about
it.  Other people are going to spend 20 minutes at the mall picking out a
present for you.  Your knitter loves you so much that their gift to you
took hours and hours and hours of time that nobody else deserved.

That's why.
(The panic level around here has indeed reached "Chernobyl", btw.)

PS: Amelia turned 1 on the 29th. How the hell did that happen? I'm considering posting the birth story Josh wrote for our childbirth class last year.
If I can find it.

PPS: Back still hurts sometimes. I can cope.

PPPS: I want a new hat. I knit one last year, but I think it might be dorky. A fellow knitter complained that she couldn't find a hat pattern that did not make her look like a penis, so now I'm kind of worried about looking like one, too.

Not that there's anything wrong with penises (Wow. I had to Google that to make sure I was pluralizing properly.) There isn't at all. Sometimes they can be really awesome. ...It's just that "penis" has never been part of my personal aesthetic.
POINT IS I want a new hat. Don't let me do anything about this until January.

11/27/11 01:37 pm - Ow.

I've been having lower back pain for a few says. (By "a few" I mean since Wednesday.)

At first I thought maybe it was a bladder infection*, because I was feverish yesterday. But I took 2 at-home Do You Have a UTI? tests, and both were negative.
Massage does not help. Really firm massage does not help. Full-on, pretend it's back labor and put all your weight into it "massage" does not help.
Ibuprofen sort of helps.

It's about a 4 on the Hyperbole and a Half pain scale.

I hope it's nothing serious. It's almost crunch time. (I finished a cowl for my sister. So.)

Why am I blogging this?
Because my doctor's office forgot to turn on their answering machine before they left for the holiday. The answering machine has the number for the on-call doc.

Maybe I'll try a heating pad, next.

*until last year, a bladder infection for me would have meant a high fever and very painful frequent unproductive urination. But then last fall I had four days of the most agonizing pain in my lower back that absolutely nothing helped. I thought it was because I was 400 months pregnant and had a large fetus holding court in my belly. Josh finally made me go to the doctor when I started talking about hobbling down town to score some crazy street morphine.
Turns out it was a bladder infection. ....the more you know....
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11/18/11 10:32 am - Eye of theTiger

"Babe, you've got more frets than a double-neck guitar," said Josh this morning, when we were discussing holiday knitting, and my ability to handle stress. 
Sometimes I doubt his commitment to Sparkle Motion.

There are only 32 knitting days left until Chanukah, and 35 until Christmas. I made a list of recipients and their wooly gifts (I always do this. If you are going to knit everyone you love a holiday gift, you NEED a list) last month. There are 15 items on it.
Two of these are complete.
Six of these are in progress.
Seven have not been touched, and two of these are skeins of yarn with no plan.

Despite all this, I have not yet reached Chernobyl-levels of panic, yet. (Hey, stop laughing! I said "yet"...) I have, however, reached a low level of panic. A "Did I lock the front door?!" level of panic. Manageable.

All I have to do is knit all the time.
Knit in public. (I do this anyway. my friends are very good at pretending to not be embarrassed. Well... delayedneutron understands.)
Knit  while on hold.
Knit while hanging out on Google+ (again... my friends are used to this. They don't take my sporadic eye contact personally. At least i hope they don't.)
Make Josh do all the driving so I can knit in the car.
Knit while Amelia naps. Knit while she's entertaining herself.
Sleep less. (Sleep eats up a LOT of potential knitting time.)
Knit WELL. This is not the time for making dumbass mistakes, or misreading things, or ignoring gauge issues.

Knit. All. the. Time.
I can totally do this.

11/3/11 12:13 pm - New plan

For the past few months I have been formulating a plan to deal with the crazy amount of knitting that I want to do, but never quite manage. Every year, October comes around and I count the days I have left til the December holidays. I always panic.
(Holiday knits *usually* get finished, but I still panic. I don't like panicking. Pretty sure Josh doesn't like it when I panic, either.)

Do y'all know what a sock club is?
Essentially, a smallish-to-medium group of people pay a yarn seller (like Blue Moon or Little Red Bicycle) a membership fee, and then every month (or every-other-month, depending how long the club is set to last) they get a brand new skein of yarn and a new pattern that compliments the yarn well. (The perk here is these yarns and patterns are usually not slated to be available to the general public for 6 months or a year down the line.)

I think this is a cool idea, but it can be a bit pricey. Then I remembered an idea that the Yarn Harlot had a couple of years ago, which was to make her own personal sock club. Twelve big zip-lock bags filled with yarn and a pattern. Each month, grab one at random and knit. By December, you have twelve pairs of socks! Even if I keep half of them (which I plan to) that leaves six pairs for gifting. Six! This is the best idea ever!

So I've been picking through my stash, figuring out what I want to knit into what. I've got eleven patterns, plus the plain 'ole never-fail sock in my head. And it's looking like I only need to purchase yarn for three of these, plus one or two of the patterns I've chosen.

I will beat next year's holiday knitting! ...Now if you'll excuse me, I need to continue THIS YEAR'S battle.

9/28/11 03:49 pm - In which the yearly spiritual bean-counting begins again


Rosh Hashannah begins tonight at sundown, and as usual I am unprepared. Raisan challah WILL be baked tonight, however; I still have some standards. Might make honey cake this weekend, and if I do I will take a page from ragnvaeig's book and put Jamesons in it.

I have to carry the Torah on Friday and I'm terrified of dropping it. >.> I know I won't, but I still worry.
Because if I wasn't permitted to worry i would explode.

Also, my kid thinks it's funny when I say "no."

At least she knows what the word means...

3/28/11 02:41 pm - Randomly on a Spring Monday

1.) I am officially going to visit London, England for 8 days next Spring.

2.) I am stupidly excited about this.

3.) If I could meet names0fthedead while I'm there, that would be kickass awesome.

4.) That probably sounds creepy and stalkery, eh?

5.) If we could swing it, I'd love to see goldenhawkw and her husband, as well. They live up North, though, so that could get tricky.

6.) Stupidly excited.

7.) I saw something on line t'other day that said "Sex is beautiful, procreation is optional."

8.) That about sums it up, yeah.

9.) I am planning a fibre/spinning/string blog.

10.) I'm still keeping my LJ account for personal stuff. And for keeping up with people.

11.) I'm leaning toward WordPress, but I also like the look of blogs done with Moveable Type.

12.) I'm going to make some starter for sourdough.

13.) Lucky 13.

1/7/11 01:30 pm - Advertisment

Free to a good home:

One 17-pound gray cat. In good health aside from being a fatass, has an up-to-date rabies vaccine. Understands simple English most of the time. Hobbies include: Eating, sleeping, not burying his own shit, drinking out of the toilet, meeping at large household appliances, latching onto one human being and never ever letting them have a moment of peace ever, bullying creatures smaller than himself, and generally being a moron.
Serious inquiries only, please.

...I'm only mostly joking.

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